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HIDEEHOO. This is Ollie Dodd from JLT bringing you my blog about Year 6’s week.

In case you didn't know Year 6 went on their residential trip to PGL (which stands for PARENTS GET LOST)

Did we miss our parents?

I would say yes but we were always too busy to think about home…

As Yousif mentioned in his last blog, the excited anticipation about going on this trip was like looking forward to having a slice of cake. Well, this slice of cake did not disappoint - and all the sweets I bought from the PGL store did not either!

The week was filled to the brim with exciting, physically demanding and nerve-racking activities: rock climbing, vertical challenge, zip wire, archery and interesting trust exercises. However for me, the hardest challenge was managing to put on my harness!

We were allocated our rooms, there were 5 of us in ours which meant getting to sleep was a mission (a colloquial phrase which here means “difficult”.)

My room experience was amazing except everyone that came in said it smelled (we couldn’t smell a thing!)

Each day would begin around 8 am with a plethora of breakfast treats - my particular favourite meal of the day (to be honest, the only one I enjoyed) and I've also read that it’s the most important meal of the day…so even without my parents looking over me I was doing something right!

By the end of the week, we had all become much closer to each other however extremely tired…

From what I have been told the children who stayed behind thoroughly enjoyed kayaking and were given a more relaxed time at school.


What a wonderful week to celebrate the completion of our SATS!